The Gonzo Dog Do Bar Band

Very short review

The Gonzo Dog Do Bar Band gig at the Albany managed to draw three of us to my knowledge. The band consisted of guitarist, bass, sax, drums, keyboards, singer, backing vocal, and female dancer. The Albany is a small basement bar with a stage crammed in one corner, but it was quite entertaining to hear them play Jollity Farm and Mr Slater's Parrot, everyone joining in on farm animal noises. The set was mainly the first two Bonzo album songs, though Terry Keeps His Clips On made an appearance. They started with an Intro of the band, and in carried on with Urban Spaceman, My Brother Makes The Noises, Mr Apollo, Death Cab For Cutie, Look Out There's A Monster Coming among others.
The singer started with a few costume changes but settled down with a gold lame suit after a while.

Bizarrely they did "Teenage Kicks" in a Bonzos style too, as a part of the encore, as a tribute to the John Peel and all he did for Vivian, one assumes.

You can find out a good deal more about them from their site...